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Here at La Carreta Supermarkets we offer a variety of departments. Which offer an array of Latin and non-Latin products at affordable prices. Some of our products are made directly in-house. 

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Our grocery department offers a variety of Latin products straight from Mexico like piñatas, candy and much more. As well as products from other parts around the world. 


Our produce department offers a variety of fresh produce. We also offer hard to find Latin products like Jack-O-Fruit, pumpkin flower, and much more. 


Our meat department offers an array of meats like; cow, pig, chicken, seafood, quail, rabbit, deer, lamb, and goat. With a variety of cuts and animal parts used in Latin dishes like, beef tongue, chicken feet and much more. We do special cuts and run meat thru our tenderizer for free upon request.


Our creameria/deli department offers Latin cheeses and creams as well as deli meats.

Bakery/Cakes/pan Ducle

Our bakery department makes fresh Pan Dulce and other breads daily. We carry ready to-go cakes and other desserts daily. We also offer an array of custom cakes and custom bakery orders for more details on that go to our Bakery/Cakes section or click image on the left.


Our tortilleria department offers freshly made tortillas, haraches, sopes, chips, buñuelos, tostada bowl, tostadas, hard shell tacos, duritos, masa to make tamales and etc.


Our kitchen offers Latin dishes and products like; mole paste, fresh salsas, carñitas, chicharron, tamales, aqua frescas and made to order meals that you can place thru Grub Hub. We also offer family combos and party trays for more information & link to Grub Hub please go to our Kitchen/Catering section or click image to the left. 

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